The G N Ramachandran Memorial Lecture

Professor G.N. Ramachandran (1922-2001) was India’s most prominent, as well as most eminent, biophysicist. He is best known for having determined the three-dimensional structure of collagen and also for framing the famous Ramachandran map/diagram for protein structures.

The lecture named after him is the highest honor of the Indian Biophysical Society, and past lectures have been given by Prof. Richard Ernst, Prof. Kurt Wuthrich, and Prof. Tom Blundell and C.M. Dobson, to name a few speakers from abroad, as well as by Prof. Vijayan (who worked with Dorothy Hodgkin), and Prof. C. Ramakrishnan, who authored the famous Ramachandran map paper with GN Ramachandran and Sasisekharan. This year’s lecturer is yet to be finalized.