IBS Sympossium FAQs



Is an existing membership necessary for one to attend the IBS Annual Symposium (2017) at IISER Mohali?
Answer: No. One can attend the meeting without being an IBS member. Membership is completely voluntary, and not connected to participation in the symposium.

Can one become a member during the meeting?
Answer: Yes. There will be a counter at which one can become a member, if one wishes to. Membership costs Rs. 1000/- and all members are life-members. If you become a member at the symposium, you can pay either in cash, or by draft. You will be given a receipt immediately. Later, receipts will be sent to the Mumbai office of the IBS, from where all other formalities will be completed (e.g., membership number, membership certificates etc).

I have not yet received my membership documents for the IBS although I have sent all the necessary documents (and payment details) to the Mumbai office a few weeks/months/years ago.
Answer: Membership-related matters are handled entirely from the Mumbai office of the IBS. For all inquiries relating to membership status, please contact Mr. Jayesh Malkan (Email : malkan@tifr.res.in, Tel :022-22782622), NMR Facility, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Colaba, Mumbai – 400005, India.


Who is eligible to ask for travel/registration assistance?
Answer: Students and postdocs can ask for travel assistance. However, the decisions in this regard will only be taken in March, during the meeting. Those receiving travel assistance will be given partial, or complete, reimbursement of travel costs by train (A.C. III tier or equivalent) at the meeting, if residual funds are adequate. Therefore, applicants will need to fill out an application form at the meeting, and submit it along with a letter (pre-signed by the supervisor, stating that the student has no other source of travel funds, and carried by the student to the meeting). Decisions will be taken during the meeting, and there is no guarantee of such reimbursement taking place for each applicant. Students will need to make all arrangements and then apply and see whether the organizers find it possible to support travel. There is no registration assistance provided by the symposium organizers for students and postdocs.

Can faculty intending to attend the symposium also ask for travel assistance?
Answer: In general, all attendees (including invited speakers) use their own travel funds. However, in two kinds of special cases, it may be possible to support travel. (1) Where the attendee is an IBS member and no longer affiliated with an organization, or with no other source of funding. (2) Where an invited speaker specifically requests partial, or complete, travel support.

Do invited speakers have to pay for registration or local hospitality (local travel/accommodation)?
Answer: No. The registration and local costs of invited speakers will be borne by the organizers. Invited speakers will also not need to fill out the registration form on the website.

What about registration assistance for IBS Life-members or IBS Executive Council members?
Answer: The registration and local costs of IBS Executive Council members will be borne by the organizers. Executive Council Members will also not need to fill out the registration form on the website. This facility might also be extended to some very senior life-members of the IBS who are not on the executive council (who currently do not have any affiliation with any institution); however, all regular IBS life-members who are associated with institutions are expected to find their own sources of funds for registration and local costs.


Can one register and attend without presenting any work?
Answer: Yes.

Can one register (while clicking ‘No’ for abstract submission/presentation) and then decide to submit an abstract?
Answer: Yes. One can register first (independently) and then submit the abstract later, before the deadline. However, if one clicks ‘yes’ for abstract submission in the registration form, the form won’t let you proceed without first providing the abstract ID and title (for which, your abstract will need to be officially selected). So, if you wish to register now, and then decide whether to present a poster, click ‘No’ in the section about abstracts on the registration form, and complete your registration. Later, submit your abstract before the deadline, so that it can be approved (independently of registration).

Can one do on-spot registration?
Answer: Yes. One can register at the meeting venue.


Can one opt to register and present an abstract without opting for accommodation?
Answer: Yes. For example, if you would like to stay with a relative or friend in Chandigarh/Mohali/Panchkula, or you wish to stay at some hotel, you should simply not click the accommodation button in the payment gateway or registration form.

Can people from industry also opt for accommodation?
Answer: No. We intend to organize only hostel and guest house accommodation which is limited. Participants from industry are requested to make their own arrangements for accommodation.

Can students, postdocs or faculty get accommodation if they do on-spot registration?
Answer: No. There is no scope for obtaining accommodation organized by the symposium organizers for those registering on-spot.